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ge dishwasher repair

General Electric, or GE, was founded all the way back in 1892, making it one of the oldest, most successful companies in the world. Since its inception all of 123 years ago, GE has twice employed Nobel Prize winners, and the company continues to be on the cutting-edge of household appliance technology.

While GE dishwashers come as a built-in or a portable unit, they all sport awesome features and convenient functions.

GE Built-In Dishwasher

The GE built-in dishwasher comes in two sizes, a 24″ and 18″ unit. Both come with the same features, so deciding on which to buy is based almost entirely on the space you have available in your kitchen. These dishwashers feature a Piranha hard food disposer with a removable filter, which ensures the cleanliness of your dishes by filtering out large food particles for you. GE’s built-in dishwasher also has 25 jets which shoot water at your dishes from just about every angle, to ensure your dishes come out as clean as possible. There’s also a bottle wash feature, for those hard to reach spots in long neck bottles!

GE Portable Dishwasher

The GE portable dishwasher – or stand-alone dishwasher, which may be a more accurate description – shares all of the same features as the built-in model, the only difference being that it is separate from your cabinetry and counter-top. These units have finished tops and sides so that they fit in with your kitchen design. They also only come in the 24″ variety, so they maximize size and efficiency above all else.

If you’re the owner of a GE dishwasher, rely on us for repairs and services if you’re a resident of the Kitchener/Waterloo area. We also offer repairs on portable dishwashers, if you’re an owner of one of those. Give us a call today at Kitchener Appliance Repairs at 226-476-5955and we’d be happy to book an appointment for you!