KitchenAid Fridge Repair Services

KitchenAid Fridge Repair Services

kitchenaid fridge repair

KitchenAid was founded in 1919 as a subsidiary of The Hobart Corporation, as a way for the company to manufacture and sell their newly patented stand mixers, which have become a household staple down the years. Today, KitchenAid is owned by industry giants Whirlpool, who make some of the most reliable household appliances in the world.

KitchenAid offers a few different fridge models, the most popular being the French Door, the Side-by-Side and the Bottom Freezer models. We’ll profile them for you below!

KitchenAid French Door Fridges

KitchenAid’s French Door fridges provide excellent organizational space and storage for fresh foods for homeowners more inclined to those products. Features like humidity control and a pantry drawer, a water dispenser, and a three-tier freezer drawer make the KitchenAid French Door fridge a must-have for any homeowner looking to up their style and insert an organized, efficient fridge into their kitchen. If your KitchenAid French Door fridge requires repairs, don’t hesitate to give us a call today!

KitchenAid Side-by-Side Fridges

The KitchenAid Side-by-Side fridge allows for eye-level access to both freezer and fridge, as well as features like an in-door ice system, adjustable spill-resistant shelves, two independent cooling systems to make storing your food more simple, and a professionally inspired design which is sure to catch the eye of everyone you have over for dinner. If your KitchenAid side-by-side fridge requires repairs, give us a call today!

KitchenAid Bottom Freezer Fridges

KitchenAid’s Bottom Freezer fridge gives you easy access to all of your favourite foods. It also features an automatic ice maker, easy-to-use sliding drawers, adjustable spill resistant glass shelves, and a platinum interior design that’s guaranteed to impress at your next dinner party. If your KitchenAid Bottom Freezer fridge is in need of repairs, call us today at Kitchener Appliance Repairs!