KitchenAid Stove Repair Services

KitchenAid Stove Repair Services

kitchenaid stove repair

KitchenAid was founded in 1919 as a subsidiary of The Hobart Corporation, as a way for the company to manufacture and sell their newly patented stand mixers, which have become a household staple down the years. Today, KitchenAid is owned by industry giants Whirlpool, who make some of the most reliable household appliances in the world.

KitchenAid’s stoves and cooktops are some of the finest you’ll see on the market today, and both come with their own features and settings.

KitchenAid Stoves

KitchenAid’s stoves, which sit atop those powerful ovens of theirs, come in both the gas and electric variety. Most feature six burners, advanced temperature settings so that you can utilize as many low temperatures as well as high temperatures, and dual-flame burners to maximize your cooking potential. If your KitchenAid stove requires repairs, in the gas or the electric variety, don’t hesitate to give us a call at Kitchener Appliance Repairs for same-day service, quotes upfront, and a customer satisfaction guarantee.

KitchenAid Cooktops

KitchenAid’s cooktops, which come separate from their oven counterparts, feature more or less the same settings as the above-oven stoves, with the versatility and size of an appliance you can move around or even take with you. Heavy duty grates and a commercial-style design make the KitchenAid cooktop stand out among other industry leaders, and provides you at home with the full restaurant experience. Give us a call at Kitchener Appliance Repairs if you require repairs and services on your gas or electric KitchenAid cooktop today! We offer same-day repairs, quotes upfront, and a customer satisfaction guarantee on all of the work we do. Call us today!