LG Dishwasher Repair Services

LG Dishwasher Repair Services

LG dishwasher repair

LG has been on the innovative cutting-edge since the company’s foundation back in 1947. In fact, LG produced South Korea’s first radio, as well as South Korea’s first colour TV. As well as household appliances, LG is a major player in the electronics, chemical, and telecommunications industries. Their innovative outlook has led them to be one of the most cutting-edge tech companies in the world.

LG offers sleek and powerful dishwashers with intuitive controls and a number of settings and features to suit all of your needs in the kitchen. Among their features are a built-in food disposer which eliminates all the food scraps left behind on your dishes; a dual-intensity wash cycle so that you can set a different intensity for each rack! One for your pots and pans, and one for your delicate glasses. A half-wash mode and three innovative racks make the LG dishwasher as efficient as it is effective; half-wash saves energy when you only need to use your dishwasher for a few items, and three racks means more space for dishes as well as more dishes in fewer loads!

TrueSteam technology provides you with the option to gently clean delicate items like china glass with a steam jet instead of a powerful water jet. LoDecibel Quiet Operation means if you have your dishwasher running overnight, you’ll sleep as silently as ever! LoDecibel reduces vibrations and other noises so that your cycles are quieter than ever. The LG dishwasher also features a SenseClean function, which makes for a more precise and energy efficient wash.

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