Terms Of Use

Welcome to Kitchener Appliance Repairs Terms of Use information page. If you, [The Customer] wish to use and continue to use our service, you [The Customer] must comply with our Terms of Use Policy. If you, [The Customer] do not agree with one or more of the conditions set below, please do not use our [Kitchener Appliance Repairs Inc.] service. The term “you” or “your” refers to the customer, and the term “we” or “us” refers to the business, Kitchener Appliance Repairs Inc.

  1. Service Call Fees and Information
    1. When you book a service call it is your responsibility to be present at the location you provided us, between the entire appointment window. Example, If we said the technician will arrive between 12-4 at 123 Joe St. You must be present during the entire time at that location. If you are not present at the appointment, please have someone act as a representative on your behalf. If these conditions are not met, a service call fee of $80 (eighty dollars) will be charged.
    2. It is your responsibility to provide information on your appliance that needs to be repaired. We need to know if the appliance is gas or electric, and the type appliance we are servicing, in order to send out the right technician to provide you service. If this information is not accurately provided, and the wrong technician is sent over, an $80 (eighty dollars) service call fee will be charged.
    3. Service call fee includes the technicians arrival, an initial diagnosis of your appliance, and a quote with 1 (one) or more options for you to choose from. If you choose to go ahead with any of the options the technician provides you, a service call fee of $80 (eighty dollars), will NOT be charged. In this case you only pay for the repair cost. If you choose NOT to go ahead with any of the options the technician provided you will be charged $80 (eighty dollars) for the service call.
    4. All unpaid invoices that have been outstanding for 10 or more days will be subjected to a $120 legal and admin charge.
  2. Cancellation Policy
    1. We must be given at least 3 (three) hours notice from the beginning of the appointment if you want to cancel your appointment. This applies to new service calls, and any follow up appointments. If your appointment is between 12pm-4p, we must be notified before 9am that same day. If you are calling after hours, please DO NOT leave a voicemail. A service call can be cancelled only with a live again or via email.
    2. If we are able to schedule an appointment for you within 3 (three) hours from the time you called, you will have 30 (thirty) minutes from the time you booked your appointment if you wish to cancel.
    3. Failure to comply with our cancellation policy will result in an $80 (eighty dollars) service call fee to be charged.
  3. Refund Policy
    1. Partial refunds can be offered at the discretion of the service department. Please email all inquiries for refunds to service@quickfixappliances.ca
    2. Service call fees are not refundable
    3. Labour fees are not refundable
  4. Order Parts Policy
    1. If a technician needs to order a part to complete a repair, a 50% (fifty percent) deposit for parts and labour will be charged. The remaining 50% (fifty percent) will be paid when the technician comes back to install the ordered part.
    2. We are not responsible for any delays, and/or backorders of any part we order on your behalf. We have a variety of suppliers that we source every part for and sometimes they are not in stock. We always try to get the part as possible to you!
    3. There are no refunds on parts that were already ordered thru a technician out in the field since these orders are processed immediately and automatically. Order for parts made directly with the head office can be cancelled only in the first 3 hours.
    4. If you order a part for you to install on your own, full payment for the part and shipping is required before the part is ordered. If the part that you chose to order doesn’t fix the problem with your appliance and/or you wish to return the part, we can only accept parts that are unopened. There will be a 20% (twenty percent) part restocking fee, and you will be responsible for delivering the part back to us.
    5. If you order a part for one of our technicians to install without our technician providing an initial diagnosis, a 50% (fifty percent) deposit will be charged before placing an order. The balance will be due when the technicians comes with the part to install it into your appliance. If you made an incorrect diagnosis and the part you chose to order does fix your appliance. A service call of $80 (eighty dollars) will be charged, and if you wish to return the part, a 20%( twenty percent) restocking fee will be applied.
    6. Our technicians will always clean up the work area around your appliance once the job has been completed, including the removal of old damaged parts. If the customer wishes to keep the broken and/or damaged part, the customer must request the technician to leave the part behind prior to leaving his house. If the customer does not wish to keep the damaged and/or broken part behind, the part will be recycled at the end of the day, and we will not be able to recover them.
  5. In case a problem does not appear when the technician is diagnosing the appliance:
    1. You [the customer] will be eligible for a service package which includes a 30-day warranty on operational parts only. This excludes clogging issues, or any problems caused due to negligence or misuse of the appliance. The warranty also excludes any cosmetic parts.
    2. The warranty will cover labour and parts, under the condition that the technician can verify the problem during their return visit.
    3. If the customer declines the service package, they waive their eligibility for a free check-up in the future, even if the problem recurs. A note will be placed in the technician’s report indicating that the service package was declined.
    4. If the customer purchases a service package and complains about the problem recurring, the technician will provide one free appliance diagnoses. If the problem is undetectable, the technician will decline the job and NO REFUND will be given.