Whirlpool Stove Repair Services

Whirlpool Stove Repair Services

whirlpool stove repair

Whirlpool was established as the Upton Machine Company in 1911 by Louis and Emory Upton – and insurance salesman and his uncle, a machinist – who patented and then began to manufacture motor-driven wringer washers. Today, Whirlpool is a leader in household appliance technology, as well as a forward-thinking, modern company with its ideology based in all the right places. Whirlpool supports its own diversity networks to provide support and advocacy for minority groups and the LGBT community. Whirlpool also endorses a number of charities, and provided relief for victims of Hurricane Katrina.

Whirlpool’s cooktops and stoves come in the electric and gas variants, both of which have their own features and functions. We’ll profile them for you below!

Whirlpool Electric Stoves

Whirlpool’s electric stoves come in many different varieties, but here we’ll just give you a general overview of some of the features and functions of these stoves. With an AccuSimmer function, precise temperature control allows cooks and homeowners to more easily simmer sauces or melt chocolates, without the worry of your sauce boiling over and making a mess of your entire kitchen. These are also built-in oven compatible, if you’re just looking to renovate your current kitchen and add a stovetop to your existing oven. For homeowners who require repairs on Whirlpool electric stoves, give us a call at Kitchener Appliance Repairs today!

Whirlpool Gas Stoves

Whirlpoo’s gas stoves feature a fifth burner for extra functionality, as well as FlexHeat burners, which allow for top temperatures to be reached rapidly. The burners are also sealed to allow for minimal cleanup, and a stable cooking environment. The SpillGuard design means the edges around the stove are raised, so that no spills roll over the sides and dirty your entire kitchen. These gas stoves can also be upgraded with a gourmet griddle, if you’re a homeowner interested in grilling vegetables and your other favourite foods. Our technicians are certified in servicing gas appliances, so if your Whirlpool gas stove has broken down, give us a call at Kitchener Appliance Repairs and we’ll have it repaired for you today!